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Fremantle Football Club:
"The Fremantle Dockers" Fremantle

Fremantle FC

Fremantle hosts an AFL team, the Fremantle Football Club (nicknamed "the Dockers") and two teams in the state football league (WAFL), East Fremantle and South Fremantle.

Matches are played at Fremantle Oval and East Fremantle Oval, and they have a team in the Western Australia Rugby League called the Fremantle Roosters who play at Ken Allen Field.

Unofficially nicknamed The Dockers, Fremantle Football Club is also known informally as "Freo", is one of 16 teams in the Australian Football League (AFL).

The club is based in the port city of Fremantle at the mouth of the Swan River in Western Australia.

In 1995 it became the second team from Western Australia to be admitted to the national Australian rules football competition, honouring the rich footballing tradition and history associated with Fremantle.

Despite enduring some tough times in the AFL, particularly early on in the club's history, fans have continued to show loyalty and passion for the club and the Dockers in Fremantle are one of the most well supported clubs in the AFL. [wikipedia]

More club history.

Dockers Statue outside the Fremantle Football Club, Fremantle
Click here if you're looking for the
Fremantle Docker, sometimes called the Fremantle Doctor
Dockers Fans Dockers Fans

The official song of the club is Freo Way To Go. It was written in the mid 1990s by Ken Walther and unlike many of the other Australian rules team songs, it is played to a contemporary rock tune but is based on a traditional Igor Stravinsky arrangement of a Russian folk song, Song of the Volga Boatmen [wikipedia]

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Contact Information for the Fremantle FC:

Website: Fremantle Dockers Website
Administration: (08) 9433 7000 or Email:
Membership: (08) 9433 7111 or email:
Team Store: (08) 9433 7192 or Email:

Football in Fremantle

East Fremantle Football Club (Sharks)
Cnr Moss & Marmion Streets, East Fremantle
(08) 9339 5533
East Fremantle FC on Facebook

South Fremantle Football Club (Bulldogs)
Fremantle Oval - William St & Parry St FREMANTLE
(08) 9335 1555
South Fremantle FC Facebook Page
South Fremantle FC Website

Sailing in Fremantle

Fremantle Sailing & Yachting

Sailing in FremantleWorld Class Sailing:
Between 1986-87 Fremantle hosted a series of world championship sailing events: World 12 Metre Championships, America’s Cup Defence Series, and the Tall Ships Race. Fremantle is a beautiful harbour after all!

Sailing & Yacht Clubs in Fremantle

Fremantle Sailing Club (FSC)
151 Marine Terrace, Fremantle
Tel: (08) 9435 8800

East Fremantle Yacht Club
Base of Petra Street, East Fremantle
Tel: 9339 8111

Sailing on the River SwanRoyal Perth Yacht Club Fremantle Annexe
Mews Road, Fremantle (Opposite Kailis Brothers)
Tel: 9430 4590

The Swan Yacht Club
Riverside Rd, Preston Point
E Fremantle
(08) 9339 3520

Fremantle Cruising Yacht Club
39/11 Cliff Street
Fremantle WA
Tel: (08) 9336 1122

The Swan River, the heart of Sailing in Fremantle

River Beach FremantleThe Swan River estuary flows through the city of Perth, in the south west of Western Australia. Its lower reaches are relatively wide and deep, with few constrictions, while the upper reaches are usually quite narrow and shallow. It has three major tributaries, the Avon River, Canning River and Helena River. The climate of the catchment is Mediterranean, with mild wet winters, hot dry summers, and the associated highly seasonal rainfall and flow regime. There are currently fifteen yacht clubs along the Swan River with many anchorages and marinas along the lower reaches near Fremantle. [Wikipedia Article]

The Fremantle Port

Fremantle Port Rottnest Ferry TerminalPort of Western Australia:
Fremantle Harbour is Western Australia's largest and busiest general cargo port and an important historical site. The inner harbour handles a large volume of sea containers, vehicle imports and livestock exports, cruise shipping and naval visits, and operates 24 hours a day. [wikipedia]

History of the Port:
Fremantle's past is a history of the waterways of Western Australia. Find out more about the history of Fremantle and the Swan River Colony here. Alternatively, visit the Fremantle Waterfront for information about visiting the Waterfront and Port area.

Kite Surfing, Fremantle, Western Australia

Fremantle beaches attract wind and kite surfers, who take advantage of the city's strong afternoon sea breeze.

"Kite Boarding is a young and growing sport. There are quite a few different styles of kiting in Freo, the main three are Course Racing, Wave Riding and Freestyle," says Simon Wichtermann aka Swich, one of Australia's Top Kite Surfers, and Freo local.

Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding is an adventure surface water sport that has been described as combining wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing and paragliding into one extreme sport. Kitesurfing harnesses the power of the wind to propel a rider across the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard (similar to a wakeboard).

A kitesurfer or kiteboarder uses a board with or without foot-straps or bindings, combined with the power of a large controllable kite to propel the rider and the board across the water. [Wikipedia]

Kite Surfing Locations:

"Woodman Point (Woodies) is an awesome Freestyle spot. It’s about 20mins south of Fremantle. The best thing about woodies is it works with almost any Wind direction as you have the three beaches. Beach one (south side) beach two (middle) beach three (north side).

Swan River is a good spot for Course Racing. It’s also good for the early morning Easterly’s winds.

Port Beach, Leighton Beach and further north are good for Wave Riding."
says Simon Wichtermann, of Swich Kiting.

Kite Surfing Events in Fremantle:

"If you want to be informed about the upcoming events or you are interested in competing it’s a good idea to become a member of WAKSA (Western Australian Kite Surfing Association) in fact it is a must if you want to compete for insurance reasons" advises Swich, One of Australia's Top Kite Surfers.

Kite Surfing Styles:
"Course racing: These are racing events - like a yacht race along a course, that involve both speed and tactics Secial purpose directional race boards with long fins are used. Some raceboard resemble to windsurfing boards. The goal is to outperform other kiters and come first in the race."

"Wave-riding: Wave riding (kitesurfing) in waves is a style that combines kiteboarding with surfing. Locations with a wave break are required. Most kitesurfers use a directional board (either with our without foot straps) that has enough flotation and good turning characteristics to surf the wave. Many kiters use a board that can be used for regular surfing too (with the foot straps removed). The kitesurfer follows the kite when riding the wave, so the pull of the kite is reduced. This style is popular with surfers since it resembles tow-in surfing. Some riders do it also ride waves unhooked"

"Freestyle: The kite and board are used to get big air (jumps) so that various tricks can be done while airborne. This style also used for competitive events and is free-format and "go anywhere". Smaller twintip boards and kites with good boost and hangtime are used."

Kitesurfing in Fremantle

Simon Wichterman
Fremantle Pro Kiter

Kitesurfer in Fremantle

We have some of the top 10 riders in Australia in WA who kite surf around Freo. They are Daniel Anderson, Damian Gough, Ryland Blakeney, Simon Wichtermann, Chrissy Gaudieri, Shannon Ducker, Fabienne Bosiger.

Contact Simon Wichtermann (Switch) on Facebook!

Wind and Surf Gear:
Kitesurfing, Surfing & Kiteboarding, Windboarding gear can be found at
SOS Surf Co, Fremantle

Wind Direction in Fremantle:
Want to know the Wind in Fremantle? Try this great tool from Windfinder. Fremantle Wind Forecast

Seabreeze is another good side to check out the wind

Kiteboarding Tours near Fremantle

Enjoy an introductory lesson in the worlds fastest growing and most exciting water sport, kiteboarding!

Experience what it is like to fly a powered trainer kite under the instruction and guidance of one of our trained instructors. West Oz has one of the most exclusive kiteboarding areas in the world, as the only holder of a permit to teach in the beautiful Shoalwater Marine Park. Crystal clear waters, cross shore breezes, no boats or obstacles and surrounding islands, which provide chop protected water, allows our students the ability to tap into this uncrowded location in any wind direction. West Oz Kiteboarding is the only IKO (International Kiteboard Organisation) accredited school in WA. SEASON November to March.

West Oz Kite Boarding

Sporting activities and adventures in and around Fremantle

Walking Tours of Fremantle – the essential start to any visit.

Before you do anything in Fremantle, the “must do” is an award winning Two Feet & a Heartbeat guided walking tour.

Two Feet tours focus on who, what, where, when, why and how to paint a picture of Fremantle, helping you to understand the people and events that shaped it.

“Convicts & Colonials' (daily) “Sailors guide to Fremantle - History with a beer “(Sat/Sun). Bookings Essential

Two Feet and a Heartbeat

High Speed Open Ocean Jetboat ride on the largest and most powerful adventure jetboat in Australia!

Westcoast Jet's 850hp Open Ocean Jet Boat "Okiedokie" has been around now since 1999 thrilling (and wetting) 10's of thousands of locals and tourists from all over the world. We get the big thumbs up from overseas visitors who most say, "the best boat ride they've been on". Our skippers are highly trained and experienced in operating 12 metre Jet Boats on the Fremantle waters. We power up, pedal to the metal, flick on some choice tunes (loud) and off we go on an unforgettable, awesome, wet, wild & fun Boat Ride with a difference. With a generous mix of funky fishtails, serious slide-outs, peachy power stops, wicked wake surfing and super 270deg spins (sea conditions permitting), you can't go past this blast! It is our intention to get you wet!

West Coast Jet

Enjoy the amazing sensation of flight, powered solely by your jetpack at WA's first coastal Jetpack experience for over 17's!

Meet your instructor at Rockingham beach where you begin your Jetpack Experience! Our Professional Instructors offer Jetpack training for you to get to grips with this ultimate water Jetpack or Flyboard. Then, once you know the ropes, the sky is the limit (or 10 metres). Enjoy the amazing sensation of flight, powered solely by your jetpack, as you soar into the air then land safely in the water. The Jetpack is propelled by a water jet connected to Jetski (PWC). This provides underwater propulsion and flights of up to 10 metres high for the Jetpack Rider. Your jetpack flight will be monitored by your instructor throughout, and your assistant will be there to help you while you are in the water.

Jetpack Perth

Get close to nature with our guided tours kayaking on the Swan River, sure to be a memorable holiday experience!

Escape the hustle and bustle and embrace the serenity by enjoying serene kayaking on the Swan River. Share the river with ducks, swans, pelicans and other water birds and discover scenic landscapes bursting with wonderful photo opportunities. Learn some basic paddling techniques before we set out in our very stable touring kayaks, perfect for beginners and the more advanced. We capture your kayaking experience with some action shots to show and share with others and to keep for your own memories. Your personal guide Leonie is an educator, a qualified swimming instructor, a Bronze Medallion Life Saver and a canoe and kayak Instructor, rest assured you are in safe experienced hands! No experience necessary, minimal fitness required, tours all year round.

Water Wanderers

Experience wildlife up close and personal as you enjoy the latest sport of Stand-Up Paddle boarding. Tour, Lesson, Hire

Stand-Up Paddle boarding is an exciting way to take in the tranquil natural surroundings, with no previous experience necessary. Begin with a SUP boarding lesson from your experienced and friendly instructor and it won't be long before you are up on the board by yourself, ready to enjoy the perfect white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters! Join us on the Seal Island Adventure Tour and paddle from the world renowned Shoalwater Marine Park across to Seal Island. Guaranteed to see some wildlife and maybe a dolphin encounter! Hire of Stand Up Paddle boards, 7 days a week. Also Kiteboarding hire and lessons in one of the most exclusive kiteboarding areas in the world! SEASON November to March.

West Oz Board Sports

Extreme Jet Ski experiences from Hillary's Boat Harbour & Port Bouvard Marina, Mandurah ~ the ride of your life!

We offer self-drive, no license required and fully escorted jet ski tours. Drive or ride one of the latest jet skis for some real fun in the sun! Choose to ride the waves and swells of the Indian Ocean or the flat water of the Estuary. We are the only Jet Ski Tour Company in Perth and Mandurah offering Open Ocean jet skiing. Enjoy the thrills and spills of riding a jet ski on our tailor made eco-friendly tours where we guarantee you will spot some Unique marine life including the bottle nosed dolphins, king fishers, pelicans, penguins and seals. 10 Years of successful Operation, Fully Trained and Experienced Tour Guides, Comprehensive safety induction, Catering for the Novice to Seasoned Jet Skier.

Nautical Adventures

Perth's largest Climbing Gym welcomes experienced climbers and first timers from all walks of life!

Indoor rock climbing is a safe, exciting, all-over body workout for ages 5 to 85! Rockface is Perth’s biggest and safest climbing venue, with the gym reaching 10m at its highest point. We provide a range of training courses with some of the best instructors Perth has to offer. Consisting of 2 bouldering areas, 4 lead climbing walls, and a wide range of vertical walls, slabs, and overhangs; the facility also houses a shop, a sitting area, and men’s and women’s change rooms with hot showers. Cold drinks and snack foods are available for purchase all day. We cater for individuals, group functions and corporate team-building occasions. OPEN 7 DAYS: WEEK 10AM-10PM WEEKEND 10AM-7PM

Rockface Indoor Climbing Centre

Riding your very own Yamaha VX jet ski in an exciting tour around Rockingham and surroundings of Garden Island!

Enjoy riding your very own jet ski, with the latest technology, just south of Fremantle in Rockingham. Jet skis are a great way to get closer to nature while providing adrenaline-pumping thrills. Our experienced jet ski tour guides – on their own separate jet skis – will lead you through the beautiful waterways surrounding Rockingham area. The area is one of great natural beauty and the spectacular Shoalwater Islands Marine Park is situated just off the coast: a haven for dolphins, sea lions, the Little Penguin and many varieties of native birds and aquatic life. Each jet ski tour will consist of one instructor and up to 3 Jet Ski’s, which can fit a maximum of two persons each so 6 people can tour at once. Operates every weekend and in most weather conditions.

Jet Ski Tours Perth

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Fremantle Leisure Centre

Fremantle Leisure Centre
10 Shuffrey Street, Fremantle WA 6160
(08) 9432 9533

"We offer a range of aquatic programs for all ages and abilities, including lap swimming, squads, swim school, adult classes and aqua fitness classes. We have four heated swimming pools that cater for a variety of uses."

Website: Fremantle Leisure Centre Website

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