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Welcome to Central Fremantle

Fremantle central is a lively hub, pleasant, clean and very easy to get around on foot, by car, by scooter or by free CAT bus. Downtown Freo winds its way through pedestrian shopping areas, to the historic West End.

Freo is vibrant, alive, filled with opportunities to eat, drink, rest, dance, shop, socialise, plus much more.

Fremantle (Central) incorporates the City Business District (CBD), the Cappuccino Strip, King's Square and main shopping precinct, the Waterfront and Harbour, Notre Dame University and the Historic West End, Challenger,  the Fishing Boat Harbour and the Fremantle Golf Club.

Many of the city's most beautifully preserved Colonial and Gold Rush heritage buildings and other attractions are located in central Fremantle, such as the Round House, Fremantle Prison, Kidogo Arthouse, the Town Hall and the Fremantle Markets.

Fremantle is a cosmopolitan city with a wonderful blend of locals and visitors.

Food & Drink

Central Fremantle offers a choice of food from all different cultures around the globe. Whatever your taste buds are in the mood for you can usually enjoy.

Food ranges from fine dining to fish and chips and everything in between: Central Fremantle Restaurants

Central Fremantle - All about Central Freo

Fremantle Details:

Population: 24,835 (2006 census)
Postcode: 6160
Location: 19 km (12 mi) SW of Perth
LGA: City of Fremantle State District: Fremantle
Federal Division: Fremantle [wikipedia]

Cappuccino Strip, Fremantle

Fremantle Geography

Fremantle lies on a series of limestone hills known by the Nyungar people as Booyeembara; the sandplain to the east is Gardoo. The original vegetation of the area was mainly Xanthorrhoea and eucalyptus trees, being fired annually (in late spring or summer) by the traditional owners. [Wikipedia: Fremantle Geography]

Fremantle's Historic West End

Fremantle West End

Incorporating the Fremantle Prison, Esplanade Park, Bathers Beach, Notre Dame University and the majority of Historic & Heritage buildings in Fremantle.

Visit Fremantle's historic West End to view a West End Map and a video of our afternoon's Walking Tour of the West End.

Fremantle shopping...

Fremantle Shopping MallFremantle ShoppingFremantle Fountain

Fremantle is always a bustling port city, yet the residents (and visitors) enjoy a the seaside tranquility as intertwining pedestrian-only walkways connect throughout the central business district keep you away from any 'city-ness'. It is easy to browse the diverse range of shops in a clear pleasant space. There are plenty of places to eat and relax!

Shopping in Fremantle Fremantle Town Hall Central Fremantle Markets - Thursdays

Esplanade ReserveEsplanade Park, Fremantle

Esplanade Reserve offers so much to the visitor.  
Within the reserve there is a well equipped sprawling children’s climbing and play area which offers enough for kids of all ages. 

Beautifully located benches and plenty of shade, from the magnificant Norfolk Pine trees, make this a great place to spread a few hours after swimming on Bathers Beach.

Enjoy a picnic on the grass or a light snack from the fabulous Esplanade reserve Carriage Cafe. The Carriage Cafe is a genuine 1912 West Rail Carriage that has been converted into a unique eatery. It has been on the Esplanade for 30 years providing delicious food and great coffee as well as a friendly smile and great surroundings!

The EYP Youth Plaza skatepark attracts the vibrant youthful crowd and the gorgeous and graceful Tourist Wheel lifts you high above Freo, with a fun trip and views of Fremantle that are inspiring.  The park is filled with opportunities for people of all ages. There are many festivals that are hosted in this beautiful city park. 

Fremantle City Colourful Fremantle Clothing
Fremantle CityFremantle is bike friendly.

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Fremantle Western Australia